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Hi I am new to Arduino Due , Atmel. I have loaded Arduino and Atmel Studio and can compile build and execute the Arduino examples. I can compile the Atmel Studio Ardunio Due examples eg ADC_EXAMPLE. I think I must have a Jtag emulator eg SAM-ICE to load and debug ATMEL Studio examples. Please advise if this is correct.
Many Thanks


Yes. With SAM-ICE (~US$100) you can load the Atmel Studio examples. You also will need the adapter ARM-JTAG-20-10 (~US$7).


I ordered the Atmel ICE I think its a good choic. I will let you know as soon ans I got it and as soon as it works


Thank you very much for your detailed replies. I shall progress this option. Many Thanks.


WOW i tried this visual micro plug in for Atmel studio its wonderfull


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