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Topic: My body gives Electricity when i trying to acquire signal by AD620 inst. amp ? (Read 2 times) previous topic - next topic


kindly, im trying to acquire signal with ad620 from my eyes for EOG acquisition system ...when i connect the reference lead to the ground i feel sting
in my (-) electrode


pls help


What power supply voltage are you using?   Are you running off batteries, or from an AC power supply?   I'm wondering if you have some (potentially dangerous) leakage in your AC power supply!


this is probably caused by using a switchmode supply somewhere in the device. try using batteries, or connect the ground to earth.


You have to be EXTREMELY careful when connecting anything electrical to the human body.
Commercial devices have to be very carefully designed so they don't pass very much electrical
current through the body. People who design this sort of equipment have to be highly trained
and licensed too. 9V on wet skin can give you a shock. 120V will kill you.

So, if you're using any kind of AC-powered equipment, and you're not really an experienced
electronics person, what you're doing may be very dangerous. If you insist on doing this,
everything should probably be running off of low-voltage batteries, like 3-4V, and not connected
to your computer either.


I'm 13 right now and the first time I was shocked by 220v ac was probaly when I was 5. Since then, I've been shocked quite a few times. Electricity here is 220v.
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