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Topic: how to capture Xbee Series 2 RSSI wave form with oscilloscope?? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Can anyone help me in getting the Xbee Series 2 RSSI pin's wave form in oscilloscope??
how is the X-Ctu setting and how is the hardward setting??
i need to confom that the wave form is essit before let my arduino to read it....before this i have try many of arduino code that to converd the RSSI wave form to the readable value but fail
the only way i want to do is make sure the wave form is exsist , but i had also tried using oscilloscope also fail to read...any expert in Xbee shard the softwhead and hardward setting?


have a look at

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Thank you for your information, btw i had d try the code but fail...but the problem the osilloscope also can not read the pin ..how can i ask the arduino read.. by therotically i should see the square wave in the oscilloscope but i can not ...mind to shard that the X-ctu cofriguration for the Tramintter and the receiver node?? is it need use the RC filter from Xbee pin6 to the arduino pwm pin??? any people mind to shard thiere full code just for the RSSI value and shown in the serial monitoring?? i had tried a week still fail to do so
so far i only can check the RSSI by typing ATDB in the X-ctu sw.

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