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well you know what, i took my post down, because im not here to argue that, i want to enjoy my arduino, and not associate it with political arguing. i am here to ultimately build the Evilduino™ the most awesome arduino controlled robot anyone has ever seen. i think anyone who kills an innocent person in this country should burn, whether it be christian killer, right winger killer, or leftwinger killer. i have served my country over 10 yrs in 3 different combat zones, and i will continue to protect my neighbors and countrymen as best i could, from deranged gun toting morons. thats all im gonna say about that. the evilduino™ cannot come to fruition without this forum, so im backing down on this one. peace.


so im backing down on this one. peace.

That's why you can never  be a liberal: every liberal I know is genuinely and extremely tolerant of others, as long as those others agree with the liberal's point of view.

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