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When doing a quick test, I like to plug one leg of a standard led into the Arduino female. I have some 560 Ohm resistors soldered onto flex jumper wires at one end, and  croc-clips on the other. This is so I can clip the croc onto the other LED leg, and plug the loose end of the resistor into another female. The croc-wire-resistor makes it easier to move between components and arduino pins.

Come to think of it a croc-resistor-croc might also be useful.

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I have similar - a couple of LEDs with a resistor soldered to one of the legs.
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I have similar - a couple of LEDs with a resistor soldered to one of the legs.

yea I have a small handful of those



I had a UV led on a pot and made the mistake of turning the pot too low. Weird smell.

Hardest part for me is trying to remember how to determine the resistor value, which I have to go search on to re-check even if I do think I remember just to be sure which I'm not. So I aim high as I don't like leds hurt-my-eyes bright anyway.
I run 340+ ohms at 5V with standard 5mm reds for indoor use. Maybe they'll live longer, certainly they use less power.

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