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I am building some kind of a home light controller. I am planning to use this circuit to control LED strip lights. I will use VISHAY TEPT5700 sensor as light detector for automatic turning LEDs on and off between day and night, PWM for dimming LEDs and temperature senzor for temperature reading. Everything will be shown on LCD display. I will also use potentiometer for setting PWM.

My question is, if this circuit scheme looks ok or if there is any obvious mistake in it and if i really need to use schottky diode between 12V and FET for supplying LEDs.



I am have trouble making out the drawing.
Would you resubmit a better copy?
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!

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D2 is unnecessary.  It's only required where the load is inductive (as with a relay coil or a motor.)
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Hey, it's "bipolar transistor" or "junction transistor" - "BJT" is just stupid.


I am have trouble making out the drawing.
Would you resubmit a better copy?

Scheme is made directly from Eagle. Try to download pdf file and use zoom. It's the best quality i can get.

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