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What chip is available for a audio channel select and volume control ?
Some chips are hard to get.

I have made a FM radio with the TEA5767 (noisy, not sensitive, medium sound quality), but now I want to combine it with other audio sources. I want to select between 4 sources but a mixer for all channels would very nice, or else just one volume control.

The CD4066 could be good enough to select the channel. But I also need a volume control. The quality has to match the good quality of my computer soundchip (ALC889A).
What chips are available ?



This is what I found so far.

The DS1802 is a I2C stereo log digital pot, but hard to get and costs 15 euros.
The PT2258 is a 3 channel stereo mixer and is very cheap (1 to 2 euros), 5 to 10V.
The AD5206 is hard to get.
The LM1971 is a single channel attenuator, costs about 7 euros.

If I use the PT2258, I need two of them for a mixer for 4 stereo channels.
The I2C address is selectable, so they can be used together on the same I2C-bus.
Is the chip any good ? will it work at 5V ?


Can't help on this, I get couple this https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10613?, though haven't try yet.


I read this: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=12262.0
So the PT2258 is not a mixer, and I don't know how to connect all outputs together.

So I need something else.

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