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Hi people,
          I am thinking of establishing communication between two bots using bluetooth. Ive seen to transfer data via bluetooth, bluetooth module should be present in both the robots. It seems bluetooth with usb is cheap than serial. So is it possible to send data using this usb based bluetooth. If so, how?

thanx in advance


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I used the BlueGiga WT12A in a project. The WT12A is a BT radio with a serial
interface. It is around $25.

I think you may be better off with a different radio. Something like an XBee with
more range.

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Also if you go with xbees make sure which series you choose. series 1 should be cheaper and easier but series 2.5 you might need to do some research on.

What  range do you need?


Range of about 10 m is suffice for me


a series 1 xbee could be a good bet and quiet cheap about £13 when I last looked.

Bluetooth seems more expensive.

Also Xbee is quiet a cool communication device and once youve got the hang of it properly use it for loads of other projects after.

Shouldnt be too hard to set up your network simple point to point.

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