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Can I come in here with a similar question about 4 wire servos. I want to use some from an old (1970's) Swan Radio Control outfit. There are red, white, black and yellow wires. What do I need to connect to what to get them to work?


rookesy...i started to control the 4 wire servo just like a normal dc motor... i connected the phase wire (red) to +V and grounded the black wire..it started to spindel clockwise, you can control it easy with L292D or H-bridge transistors (clockwise and counterclockwise), you can divide the inputs in small delay with the arduino (maybe 10 milliseconds) and control the position by counting it.... but what i am asking is if it can be control as a servo and not like a dc motor...the servo has more torque since it always want to remain to that degree, that's why i have open this topic...........or maybe we can both apply some gear reduction or gear system..but that is another thing


the servo has more torque

That is generally because of the gearing, take a look at the inside of a rc servo:


So, apart from the gearing (that in the end are connected to a potentiometer), you also need some electrtonics that translate the servo signal from your arduino, to something that can contol the motor/potentiometer

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