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Author Topic: Manual for controlling each channel of the Adafruit 12-Channel 16-bit PWM LED Dr  (Read 417 times)
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1.   Make sure that you have installed the Adafruit Library
2. See the code and try to understand it .
3. Copy and Paste the example provided by Adafruit
4. If you have only one board change the number 2 to 1 in the question:
//How many board do you have chained?
5. In void loop()
Delete all except the first line.
6. In void colorWipe(uint16_t r, uint16_t g, uint16_t b, uint8_t wait)
Just leave:

tlc.setLED(i, r, g, b);


Hope it helps.

* Manual for controlling each channel-tlc59711.png (38.96 KB, 1920x1032 - viewed 46 times.)
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