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Hey.I have an arduino uno r3.the chip on board atmega328 is getting heated very quickly,is it normally like that?
And i would like to make a Usbasp with it.i googled a lot but found nothing :( .so please help me :D


ATmel328P-PU microcontroller should NOT become warn, that is, this is not a normal working condition.  Likely there is a defect/short that is causing the chip to sink or source too much current.  A defective, damaged, or miswired shield could be responsible.

USBASP can be managed with the Uno, see:

Also, there are other sketches besides the one listed above, you can search for those, but one nice one of note was written by Nick Gammon in the forum.

Fix the overheating chip first!


atmega328 is getting heated very quickly

Is anything connected to the board headers?
No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


no,noting is connected.i think it started getting heated after i made this one http://learningthearduino.blogspot.in/2012/11/arduino-vu-meter-audio-sound-meter-with.html.
Thanks for arduio as isp link.Is there any prob if i didnt use that capacitors?sorry for too many questions i am new here :D

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