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I am  starting to play with my Arduino Uno and have a question about hooking a photoresistor to my Uno. Most tutorials connect the photoresistor like this using a second resistor:

Code: [Select]

+5V --> PhotoResistor --> . --> 10K --> Ground
                        Pin X

I think this technique is called a "voltage divider" and I understand how it can be used to read the variable voltage drop that occurs from the PhotoResistor.

My question is why can't I just measure the drop without the 10K resistor? In other words, would the following work (where we read the voltage drop from Pin X)?

Code: [Select]

+5V --> PhotoResistor --> . --> Ground
                        Pin X

Thanks a lot!


Because if the photoresistor goes to 0 ohms, you'll have a dead short across your 5v to 0v....
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Also pin x is connected to ground, so your reading will allways be zero


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