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Ok so then the next question is, what pins does the ethernet shield use? If they use any of the same pins, you will have problems.
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TFT_Extension, OneWireKeypad, SerialServo, (UPD)WiiClassicController, VWID


My pins are right because i test the lcd with another program and it works.

No, they aren't. The Ethernet shield uses pins 10, 11, 12, and 13.


With the ethernet shield on, your using all but pins 6 and 7.
10-13: Ethernet shield
9: LED
8: temperature sensor
6-7: open
2-5: LCD

You need to move 10-12 (LCD pins) somewhere else, but you only have 2 digital pins left. So either get rid of the LED on pin 9, or get a I2C LCD adapter.

You might be able to use the analog pins as well.
Created Libraries:
TFT_Extension, OneWireKeypad, SerialServo, (UPD)WiiClassicController, VWID


I am not using a shield, I have arduino Ethernet board not Ethernet shield....



Does the extra punctuation really help?

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