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Im sorry, my mistake. It's on the FT232R chip. Pin 26.
I'v edited my previous post with this change.


Im sorry, my mistake. It's on the FT232R chip. Pin 26.
I'v edited my previous post with this change.

That surely must be a mistake on the Nano's V3 schematic as the classic arduino Duemilanove uses the FTDI chip and shows pin 26 being grounded.

And from the FTDI datasheet, it says this about pin 26:

26 TEST Input
Puts the device into IC test mode. Must be tied to GND for normal
operation, otherwise the device will appear to fail.




I did see this solution (pin grounding) on another post http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=28280.0 but in my case I have I programmed my nano repeatedly for months and now all of a sudden I am getting this error on 2 different Nanos, using multiple different cables. If it was something wrong with the nano circuitry then why has it worked for so long?
I can get it working again by uninstalling the driver and plugging the device back in which I had to do on each usb port, but sometimes it will still not recognize and I have to go through the uninstall process again. Will keep you posted if I find anything.


Typhoon, I had about 80 Nanos over the past few months. In last batch of 20, some "act funny" and seem to be recognized by Windows randomly while others are fine.
As I said before, I "sacrificed" on Nano and did the TEST-GND blob bridge and that fixed the random behavior - windows recognized it all the time after plugging in and out tens of times (repeatedly).



Plugin the first time works on all 20pcs. If I plug in and out very fast (a few seconds in between), about 10 will not be recognized.
If I plug in and out with a delay of over 2 minutes, they all work... beats me.


Ok you convinced me :) I will wire Test to GND, its going to be like performing heart surgery on those SMD pins.


I was "afraid" to do it as well, but solder flows to the right place all on its own, so don't worry :)

Another happy user which has fixed his Nano just a while ago. It should be written about the problem in capital letters on the official Arduino Nano page, and the schematics/boards updated.

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