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Not sure what advantage it will have over the FTDI basic board

FTDI Basic does not provide a method to securely attach it to a board, and it costs $4 more.

FTDI Breakout Board would be better for securing to a board
while also costing $4 more.

The DTR 100nF cap makes programming a lot easier. If you can't get one on, be sure to breakout the Reset pin so you temporarily connect a reset switch to Gnd for serial downloading.
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I will add both the 100nf and the reset switch and post results here.  Thanks again.
Charlie R Chisholm


Well, I got the same error!   I think I am going to start all over again with a new piece of perf board.  I think my schematic is ok once I add the switch and the 100 nf cap.  I have made several mods and I might have screwed something up in the process.  Now I can't even program with the ICSP interface.  

Crap.  I guess this ain't the fun part.

Thanks.  At least I start the next phase with a little more info.

Charlie R Chisholm


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For some insight or reference:
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!


Great link!  Thanks Larry.   Last time I kind of winged it and did the schematic as a diagram of what I intended to do (after the fact).  This time, I will work in the correct order...design in eagle, layout in Fritzing (good tool for strip board). 

Nice thing about personal projects like this is that I am allowed to make my mistakes without worry about someone elses goals.

Charlie R Chisholm

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