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Hey guys!
I am working on my cnc mill project finally! I ran into a little snag that i did not plan on. I am having some problem finding some software to load onto the arduino that will run the gcode generated in inscape with the gcodetools plugin. could you help me out with some code and/or software?  Thank you so much for your time. I will be posting some pictures and videos of the project soon!

Thanks again!


Also i forgot to mention i tried the Linuxcnc and as i mentioned inkscape. I did not have much luck with ether.


I have some code at
Bit it will need minor updating to run with the latest arduino IDE


i think this is my bad, the problem im having is i dont have any software on my computer that will send the arduino gcode. I am needing the software that will send the arduino the gcode i have and then i need code for the arduino to read the gcode and drive the steppers


Mike's page does say that he has software (written for Processing) that feeds the Arduino the Gcode.

For other Arduino firmware that reads Gcode take a look at: http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Firmware

For something comparable to Mike's Processing-based code try: http://replicat.org/

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