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Thank you very much for your responses :)

@Quick5pnt0 how do I find out this information? I could go out and get a multimeter today but I'm not sure how to use it. I believe it's momentarily where I press the switch the gate starts opening, even when I release the switch, (sending the switch into an "off" state), the gate will continue to open until it's reached it's programmed limit. After then when I press the switch again, the gate will start to close.

@coltstrgj there is no keycode per se, it's controlled wirelessly via remote control or an indoor switch (it seems that the remote triggers a relay). I chose to connect the relay to the photographed switch since the location of the switch is within close proximity to a LAN port and a wireless access point (I prefer to use the access point to conserve ports).

Perfect. If you could get another remote, you could have a servo or motor easily press the button, or you could wire in to that same relay that you mentioned. You should also look at the arduino wifi shields, I have not worked much with them, but it shouldn't be too hard.


How can I hook up an Arduino so that I can open and close my gate through the internet?

Perhaps you should also add to the requirements that only you can open the gate. If you expose your web server to the internet people will find and attack it - you don't want to have other people opening and closing your gate.
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If you expose your web server to the internet people will find and attack it -

I've been running perosnal web servers for ~12 years and really never had that issue.
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Thank you very much for the feedback. I believe I will use the webserver code and possibly modify it so that I can do challenge response. Ideally I would like to use XMPP and supply the open/close commands over google talk.

I'm having difficulty choosing the parts, there is a supplier in Thailand http://www.arduino.in.th/category/1/arduino-board that seems to have a whole range of arduinos and I'm not sure which one to get. From what I can gather, I think of using this Arduino http://www.arduino.in.th/product/1/arduino-uno-r3 this Shield http://www.arduino.in.th/product/5/ethernet-wiznet-5100micro-sd-card-shield and this relay http://www.arduino.in.th/product/63/2-channel-relay-10a-with-optocoupler-module. Could somebody confirm that these are all the components required to make this work?

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