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we have to do the project on our own we can only ask guidance if i get it done from some consultancy they will come to know


pls can any one help me and get me the code. thank you.

Does not sound like you're expecting to do it on your own. You're asking for somebody to give you the code. The fact you're committed to doing this project does not mean that you're capable of it. From what you've said so far, you don't seem to have the first clue how to go about it. Prove me wrong: how are you going to develop the algorithms, software and hardware to solve this problem?

If your answer is "I don't know, please tell me" then you will not succeed at this project without cheating.
I only provide help via the forum - please do not contact me for private consultancy.


i am committed to do the project i know the hardware my branch is electronics but the problem is the software part. out letchures dont help us, we cant completely do it on our own i have to take help from someone, so if i get some similar codes then it vl be easy


i am trying to learn it by doing it in fritzing... i made a basic circuit ie wen the fkex sensor varies and depending on that the leds will glow... but i dont know how to run it... i have written the code in arduino.... what should i do next...


Does it have to be Arduino alone ?

Could you use Arduino to read the flex sensors and offload the gesture recognition to a PC ?
That would be much better.


what should i do next...

What do you need to achieve to have the complete project working? Break the work down into the smallest steps you can.
I only provide help via the forum - please do not contact me for private consultancy.

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