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Forgive my ignorance but I am not a Windows user but the grandson is. He got a new PC with Windows 8 and can not get the Rugged Arduino driver to install. They tell him it is a Certification problem (whatever that is??) that is part of Window 7 and 8. They refuse to fix the driver and Microsoft refuses to remove the certification process requirement. I may have this story wrong but on his and my Mac OS X (Version 10.7.5) we had no problems and most successfully downloaded to the Rugged Arduino boards.

It seems we get a new Microsoft product (Windows 8) and the rugged Arduino driver will not install (you just have to love Microsoft!)

So would we be better off with a regular UNO board and the compiler offered here for the PC? Will it install on the Windows 8 PC without a problem? Or is this a Windows 8 problem for all Arduino boards?

Neither he nor I are computer wizards and anything other than a simple install is dangerous for us to do. He did follow a You tube tutorial on getting around this situation (installing the Rugged Arduino driver) and trashed the operating system and his mom had to do a restore to get it back to normal. I don't know where to turn at this point?????


Louis Davis

Follow these steps to temporarily disable Driver Signature Enforcement:

Take note of the Secure Boot step if this is a new system with Win8 installed.

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