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Topic: Can Arduino Due enable two SPI interface at the same time (different in all pin) (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I am try to check the possibility to enable two SPI interfaces at the time, no just two different CS pin, and sharing the MOSI, MISO and SCK.

The reason that I want to do these, is required by the following conditions.
Both of those two device need at least 12 MHz clock (One for 12 MHz and one for 16 MHz), the data rate is over 2Mbps, I doubt the possibility to share 1 SPI interface with little delay;

From the datasheet, AT91SAM3X8E should be able to support more than 1 SPI interface.
I hope some one would give me some information about SPI interface with details, links to example is appreciated.

Thanks a lot


The SAM3X Datasheet precise there is one pure SPI peripheral and 3 USART able to work in SPI mode.
I didn't check the Due schematics but I guess you will find fast enough if you are able to use these USART for your own purpose (without CS).

Besides that the SPI seems to be able to go as fast as around 40Mbit/s on this device.

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