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Hello! I'm trying to write to a file in sd card to log the values that arduino gets from serial rx but i can't get it work. I've tried many ways and searching for some explanation about the commands to do this but i got nothing.

I'm using SPI.h , SdFat.h , SdFatUtil.h , Ethernet.h , Flash.h  libraries. The code i'm trying is the above:

Code: [Select]
if ( Serial.available () > 0 )
   if (Serial.read() == 'R')
    Serial.readBytesUntil ( '\r', &buffer[0], 3 );
 read = atoi(buffer);
 percent = (read*100)/465;
 Serial.print("Tank level:");
 Serial.print(percent, 1);

 liters = (percent*700000)/100;        
 Serial.print("Quantity of water in Tank:");
 Serial.print(liters, 1);

 if (file.open(&root, ficheiroLog, O_CREAT | O_APPEND | O_WRITE)){
   file.print("Tank level: ");
   file.print(percent, 1);
   file.print(" , ");
   file.print("Quantity of water: ");
   file.print(liters, 1);
   // close the file:
   Serial.println("Write Successfull!");
   Serial.println("LOG opening ERROR!");

Any suggestion?


If you are NOT using the Ethernet functionality you have to disable it by setting Pin 10 to HIGH:
Code: [Select]

void setup() {
    pinMode(10, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(10, HIGH);
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