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Then a solid state relay would work fine and would be less than $10. One side takes a DC input (you'd connect the + side to an Arduino digital pin and the other side to the Arduino GND) and the AC goes on the other side. Make sure it's rated greater than 15A AC of course. "Fotek" is a popular (cheap) brand that you can find on Amazon or eBay. If you google for "Sous Vide" cookers you'll assuredly find lots of examples of them in use.

You can also use a typical electromechanical relay, but SSRs are getting so inexpensive it's not worth the money savings if you're just switching a single AC line. SSRs have no moving parts and are preferred if you're doing a lot of switching on/off as you might be doing if you want to keep the temperature in a very narrow band.


I have done similar controls with different brand controllers so just one experience I want to share, keep the thermocouple wire as far away from the power wire to the heater or furnace as possible to prevent cross talk. If you want them together, find shielded cable with separately shielded strands of wire. Otherwise sudden turn on/off will create interference on thermocouple large enough to throw your control routine off.


Here's the standard warning that building projects that involve mains voltage are potentially very dangerous, especially so if you are new to electronics. Usually, I'd suggest that you can use the power switch tail to enclose the 120V wiring, but even the mark two can only handle 15A, so you'd be operating at its limit which would make me nervous.


Hi, General info on controlling power with Arduino here:

High power SSR's look like this:  http://goo.gl/QsK8b

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Thanks everyone. I think that I definitely have enough to get started with and if/when I have questions I'll be back.

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