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Hi Guys,

    I have an ADXL accelerometer 335 with an Arudino Uno that I'd like to use to detect when a vibratory coin (rotating eccentric mass) motor turns on. Essentially, what I'd like to do is place the motor on another digital pin, turn it on, and figure out how long it took to turn on using the accelerometer.

   Will this be possible? How should I get started?



Sounds feasible - split the task into

1) interface to the accelerometer (there's probably a library already), test this.
2) interface to the motor (don't overload an Arduino pin - a transistor is probably needed, a flyback diode is essential), test this
3) combine the parts - involves both software and the mechanical connection from motor to accelerometer sensor.
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Hi Mark,

    I have two LabVIEW programs that I made that should help me tackle this/get me started.
    1.) Controls the frequency of the motors which I have calibrated using the accelerometer to defined values I seek.
    2.) I have another program that takes FFT samples and gives me back the frequency status of the motor.

The accelerometer is really sensitive, so any movement would spike a change in either the X, Y, or Z axis respectively. The question becomes, how can I isolate a change in any of the axis of the accelerometer when the motor turns on and calculate this time, essentially giving me a start up time? Maybe this is something that is easier if coded within the Ardunio enviornment as opposed to LabVIEW?


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