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Hey guys

So pretty much what I am wanting to do is use my arduino to make a standalone USB to 3.5mm convertor. It would be used to convert audio output from a record player to a 3.5mm jack on a sound system. I am hoping there is a way to make a standalone piece with a programmed atmega or something. I am completely new to this and have no experience with programming languages or arduino, but I do have the books!

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I have no clue what I need to do to get this project rolling


Your record player has a USB output? What sort of device does it present itself as? Is it a host, or a peripheral?

To solve this problem I think you will need to learn how USB works. Under the covers, there's far more going on than you might expect.
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You will sorely disappointed with the bandwidth doing that. Arduino's mono 10-bit samples and 10KHz sampling rate are not really suited for this effort.
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I think it is peripheral but im not 100% sure. I am trying to make this for a friend. I have dealt with USB in the past and it was oh so much fun.....

I have looked around a little bit and posted in a few different forums and the only other recommendation I got aside from arduino was to use a raspberry pi. I would rather use the arduino and just make a standalone board with an atmega chip in it that does this as opposed to leaving either the arduino or the pi connected constantly.

I dont really know how to explain what I am wanting to do.... I have seen projects where you buy a second atmega chip, program it with whatever I would need to program in with, make my own circuit boaed and set everything up on the board, solder it, put it in a housing and viola!

The closest thing I can find to explain what I am wanting to do with the atmega chip is this instructable where you program it and drop it in the nes contoller and bam!

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