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As I received it as a gift I'm not gonna look into selling it.
I'm looking at it as a learning tool. So far...it's working. :)


$1500.  Were I in your shoes I'd sell it and use the money to buy a nice tablet computer with a decent processor and enough memory to run a modern operating system.

The answer to your question is that you need two things: 1. An RS-232 to TTL serial converter; 2. Software.


After looking through the specs, it looks like its PLC dependant. 

Yep, you need to set up the HMI to talk with a particular brand of PLC. If you want, you can make your own interface with various arduino-compatible LCD and LCD shields.


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Well I worked on several PLC/HMI installations in the refinery I use to work at before retirement. All the HMI display/keyboards I came across could be called rather simple terminals and one should be able to send data to them and request data from them as one would would any terminal using the correct 'escape codes'. It's just a matter of if the HMI manual documents it's raw commands and control states, baud rates, etc.

The PLC itself would have built in custom 'logic blocks' to make communications to the HMI a little easier for the person writing the PLC ladder logic programs, so the PLC would perform a lot of 'abstraction' for the PLC programmer to use the HMI interface. But at least the ones I came across could be consider pretty general purpose data terminals much like the popular CRT terminals used in decades past, it's just a matter of knowing all the proper 'escape codes' it has available. I would think it would be a good match for a arduino HMI project once you get the proper RS-232 to TTL converter wired up correctly.




Maybe it was coincidence that I made my LCD panel to work on ANSI escape codes (without knowing HMIs work with escape codes). They are nice and once you have it set up, you can add to it and forget all about calling functions with parameters. Everything is done with text!


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