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Basically I want to implement simple image processing using Arduino (whichever works).
The board with a camera will be mounted on a small 4-wheeled car.
Basically I will be holding a bright Red LED and the objective of the car is to follow me using that LED.

Being new to Arduino platform I wanted a bit of advice on which camera and board to use if I want the image processing done by the controller?
How will go about doing that? Like are there any build in libraries I can use?
I will also need a bit of help interfacing the camera with the controller.

And is there a way to do the image processing from the camera mounted on the car on my computer and send the commands back to the controller wirelessly?

It will be awesome if someone can help me out getting things together.


So have you searched this forum for similar posts?
What happens is I say no, you can't do it.
Then other people jump in and say maybe but it is complex.
Then you go away to look at another platform.


To have a robot follow light, you don't need a camera and image processing- you can get by with two LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors).

Unless there are some other constraints to this project that mean you have to use a camera and image processing, Google "photovore" (light eater...) and you'll get some good info.
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You also don't need to have one processor do every thing. Use a WiFi cam mounted on the 'bot. Link the cam to the PC and have the PC do the image processing and send instructions to the 'bot. Lookup robotics - horse and rider.



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