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Can you confirm:

1. You have a wire between one of the Arduino GND pins and the GND connection (next to ¬FAULT) at the bottom right of the DRV8825 board;

2. You have the other GND connection (the one next to VMOT) on the DRV8825 connected to the negative or common output from the 12V power supply?
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I'm playing with drv8825 and I have the same problems. The DRV8825 doesn't work. I use 12V power supply, the wiring is the same you have put in place.
I connected with Arduino only one gnd, because in the driver the gnd pins are already connected.
May be is the capacitor? I don't think because in the manual is written that it is used only to avoid destructive LC voltage spikes.
The mistery is not ended...


GND all the sack of the same power supply generates +5, -5, 0 (GND), +12 and-12V. The LED connected to pin 12 of arduino I use testing as well as I tried to exit the arduino variety STEP.

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