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Hi all,

I'm starting to play with arduino and I recently bought a nhd-c0220biz-fsw-fbw-3v3m lcd and found a nice library for it.

The problem is that I don't know how to connect it to arduino :)

I searched online but I didn't find clear info about this.
The datasheet is also not very clear to me (but I think it's mostly because I'm very ignorant).
Here is the datasheet: www.newhavendisplay.com/specs/NHD-C0220BiZ-FSW-FBW-3V3M.pdf.

Can someone help me out?

I see that there are 10 pins.
- I think that pins A and K (on the side) should be for the backlight, so they might not be necessary for now (although any info about this is also welcome);
- the RST pin might also be not important for now;
- Vdd and Vss should be quite straightforward, Vdd is the 3.3V power supply from arduino and Vss is connected to ground;
- SCL and SDA are used to transmit, right? I see that you need to connect them to Vdd with a pull-up resistor. Is 10kOhm enough? Can I connect these two pins directly to A5 and A4? Do I need something in between?
- then there is a VOUT, which is described as a "Voltage booster circuit" and they say to "connect to 1uF cap to VSS or VDD". What is this? Do I need this or I can just ignore it?
- the last two pins are marked C1+ and C1-, and the datasheet shows them to be connect one to the other through a 1uF capacitor. What are these? Necessary or not?

Thanks for the help!


It lays out right there for you in the datasheet. The i2c address is 0x7c (8-bit format).


Thanks for the reply.

I understand that what is written in the datasheet is how you are suppose to use the display.
My question was more about understanding why this setup is needed.
Can somebody help me out with this?


My question was more about understanding why this setup is needed.

Not sure what "this setup" is.

The datasheet provides, in my view, extremely detailed information about what you were asking. You are obviously free not to follow the datasheet, just at your own peril.


My question was more about understanding why this setup is needed.
Can somebody help me out with this?

The display has eight pins, three to interface with the Arduino (or other MPU), two to power the LCD controller, and three more to power the actual display.

The interface consists of RST, SCL and SDA.
The LCD controller power uses VDD and VSS.
The display power uses VOUT, C1+ and C1-.

You must connect two external capacitors which are required for the display power supply.  Most likely they are external because they are physically large (relatively speaking) and wouldn't easily fit on the pc board.  Note that they will probably be polarized so make sure and connect them properly.



Thanks Don, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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