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First question:

How can I connect an RDM630 RFID to the Arduino Mega 2560?
I have try many versions but no one works.

Second question:

Which simple code should work if the connection is ok?
I want to read an Chip-Code and on the Serial Monitor I will get the name of the owner of the chip.

Sorry, but I have the Arduino since few days. I hope that someone can help me.


First, you post a link to the hardware you want to connect/read from. Then, we can help you.


This are the components which I will connect:


Arduino Mega 2560:


On the page for the RFID reader, there is a link to a wiki that shows exactly how to connect the RFID reader to the Arduino, complete with big pictures.

The programming on that page is typical seeedstudio rubbish.


How you can see I have an other Arduino Board as shown in the wiki.

"Tx from RFID board goes to Digital PIN 2 on Arduino Board."

Which Pin is it on my board? I connect PIN2 nearly PIN0(RX0) and PIN1(TX0). Is it right?

On the Serial Monitor there is only:

"SeriSerial Ready
RFID Ready"

When I test it whith an chip, there is nothing else on the Monitor.

If I connect additionally the Reset-PIN with GND and change the wire from connection PIN2 on my board to PIN1(TX0) the Serial-Monitor shows the Chip-Number when I test it with a chip.

But the programm does not what it should do.

What is wrong?


Which Pin is it on my board? I connect PIN2 nearly PIN0(RX0) and PIN1(TX0). Is it right?

No, it isn't. The pins on the Mega (and all other boards) are clearly labeled). If RX0 and TX0 are pins 0 and 1, it really isn't too difficult to figure out which is pin 2, is it?

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