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Hello everyone  :),

I started my arduino learding 15 days ago. I had a little knowledge in eletrotechnic and webdev that helps a bit.

Now I'm trying to have a temperature sensor with the ds1813-10.

I found the datasheet but I'm not able to understand it :
-> http://www.datasheetarchive.com/DS1813-10-datasheet.html

Does this component is usualy used in that purpose ?
if yes, do you know a tutorial or schematic that can help me please ?

Thank you,



The DS1813 is not a temperature sensor.  It is used to reset a system if the power supply goes low.  The -10 model will reset if the voltage goes below about 4.35V.


It does include a temperature sensor but that is only to provide internal temperature compensation for the voltage detector.
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ah ok, so next time in the electronic shop I'll chose the component with the shop owner  :D

thank you for your help !!

last question :) Would you have advices about a website to find good datasheets (as the one you find for ds1813-10) ?


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I type the part number into Google.  My first choice is the manufacturer's official website (Maxim, TI, Microchip...) but if that doesn't show up in the first page of results I will often see one of the major online vendors: DigiKey.com, Mouser.com, adafruit, sparkfun...  They usually have datasheets for chips they sell.

This time it was Mouser that came up first. :)

I HATE the big datasheet aggregators.  They often make you click through several pages and often don't have good search results.  I almost never add the word 'datasheet' to my search because all the aggregators try to be high in the search results for that keyword.
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while datasheetcatalog is not as complete, it is the friendliest of those available that i have found.  The others, like datasheetarchive.. are maddening.


That is the link I use for ALL my first searches try adding /key/Part# (whichever part you're looking for) to the end of the URL posted. That's a great source for ALL data sheets.
Now... Does anyone have a link to the National Semiconductor Linear Application Books (Vol 1 - 3)?
Those were my 'bibles' when learning things... Linear.

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thank you for all thoses good advices and tips ;) !!

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