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Hello everyone, I'm developing a software to program arduino with graphic blocks (and, or, limit, level, Switch, conv-IR, SetReset, etc..). I have already developed the IDE and I made the block connections with wires.  XD
My idea was to create a source code generator, then pass it to the arduino to make and load.
Soon will finish the first version (0.1) with some blocks to go.  :smiley-eek:

At least I try.
I developed with vb6
I hope it will be a good idea  ;)


So are going to name it VisualArduino?  ;)

Good luck with your project.



I tried modkit editor, but what I'm developing is not with that kind of block. modkit is really easy, but one to which I'm working is really strong.  :%


Can you post some sneak preview images ... ?
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Programming is like this

In addition, I added the ability to create pages to expand the program with possible links between the blocks of two different pages.

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