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Really excited to get started with Arduino. I have a programming background and I have some great ideas to implement around my house. Doesn't make sense to get the Arduino hardware now. My laptop communication ports (USB, SD, Bluetooth) are busted and I need a entirely new laptop =( . The only thing that works is the wifi and DVD player. Is there something I can do to get started with Arduino now or am stuck until I get a new laptop?


Well sure. You could install the arduino IDE. Look at a lot of the example sketches. Start to learn to write sketches that verify (compile but no upload to a board) without errors. Read through the reference section of the arduino web page ( http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/HomePage ) and of course read the many postings made by the many arduino users here on this site.



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DO NOT power servos from Arduino 5V: give them their own power and connect the grounds.


I saw an Uno for sale on Craigslist in my area for $10.
I've seen Mega 256 clone boards on Ebay for $17. (Branded as Funduino)

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