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So, My Colorduino works fine with it's little RGB matrix running a simple plasma sketch, I run it at 11.8 v using a 4148 diode, but it gets HOT, I mean 200 degrees, even fully ventilated. A fan obviously helps, and I have tried to kill it on purpose just to see what the electronics will handle, but it won't die.
any ideas as to why I get all the heat? I'm not too worried about the unit as it's just an experiment, any ideas would be appreciated
Bob from the I.E.
This is the Product,



Your link doesn't tell us much about how to power the matrix. What instructions came with it?

My guess is that those 192 leds are drawing 20mA each. Thats 3.6A. At 12V thats a total power dissipation of nearly 50W. Remember how hot 60W incandescent light bulbs used to get?

Can the matrix run at 5V, bypassing its power regulator?


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