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I did learn exactly how to solve my problem, just not from this thread. I do not just take open source code and cut paste and forget, I try to understand it, and almost always modify it to my particular needs. When I come across this problem again, and I'm sure I will, I will simply incorporate the fast delegate system, so I have learned exactly what I needed to learn.
I greatly appreciate any help I can find, and constructive criticism is always welcomed. I don't want to bash this forum, as searching it has helped me with a lot of issues, I did find the solution on this forum. However, as paul pointed out, I did learn nothing from this thread, I do not see that as my fault. I know the standard is one statement per line, and if I were to post full functioning code I would standardise it and comment the heck out of it, and thank you for that tip, you could be abit more polite in pointing it out tho. I would like to make a quick point, that irrelevant comments also tend to get a thread side tracked, difficult to follow and help no one.
I rarely post on forums in general, because someone else has always had a similar problem, and google can always find it. So why duplicate an issue. In this case I was getting frustrated and decided to ask for help, that only lead to more frustration.


IMO.  You posted a well formed Initial Problem Statement and supplied almost all the needed information.  Your code was well written and formatted.  By and large you followed the posting guidelines.  Much much better than many questions this forum receives!!!  Even those that contribute mightily to a forum or industry cannot speak for "all of us" in it.  Glad you got it working!


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