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I got a nano from china and the reset switch was faulty and I can only upload to it if I select nano 168 as the board type.

I can fix the switch so I agreed to a partial refund rather than replacement so it ended up costing me £4 ish.

It is definately a nano v3 and the chip is definately a 328. Could it have been flashed with the wrong bootloader? I assume that by selecting 168 it will limit the size of the sketches I can upload.

If I try to upload to it as a nano 328 I get the avrdude sync error.

If I get another arduino or borrow one can I re burn the bootloader? What other reason might cause the upload issue.

If it can't be solved its no great loss as it works fine as a 168 and 99 times out of a hundred I am sure that will be fine.

Aside from program memory and RAM size is that the only difference between 168 and 328.


The bootloader baud rate is different:

Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328

Arduino Nano w/ ATmega168

If you re-burn with the right bootloader it should work as an "Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328".  You can use another Arduino running ArduinoISP or a cheap programmer like a <$4 "USBasp" from Hong Kong.
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I have noticed that its really slow to upload sketches.. Compared to my old UNO.


I have noticed that its really slow to upload sketches.. Compared to my old UNO.

Perhaps that is due to the lower baud rate.
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Ok so when I said definately a 328 I was going by the specs sold to me. Now I am not so sure. My new funduino nano arrived so I set it up as an ISP. No matter what I did it would not burn nano 328 or UNO bootloader, instead it gave me an error about the slave not giving the correct fingerprint and to use -F to override. But it would let me burn the 168 bootloader to it no problems.

The chip print is too small and faded for my eyes to make out without a magnifying glass (and mines at the office).

The screen on the nano says Graitech Nano V3 2009. If it is a 168 then it's not a great loss just seems odd. But then I suppose that's the way with China bay you win some you lose some lol.

Comparing the china Gravitech nano to the funduino one the former is definately of lower quality. The LEDs are less bright the silk screen is dull and not as clean also some of the components look older.

On another note I ordered an atmega168 pro from China but they sent a 328 nano! And this one works fine reset switch and all. So now I have 2 working 328 nanos and a 168? Nano with a dodgy reset switch (soon to be repaired).


Some of the Asian E-bay sellers do sell nano boards based on both the 168 and 328 chip, so perhaps they just shipped you a 168 version by mistake.




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