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You can't use the hardware MIDI interface at the same time as you upload stuff. You have to switch it out. See the switches in my MIDI shield on my site.


Yes it works! But all notes goes out from port 13.Can you write an example string for sending only one note (c3) to out port 2 please?

Thanks a lot


But all notes goes out from port 13.

Sorry I don't understand what you mean by that, could you explain.


ok I'll try ...at moment,loading your code, every midi note-on I'm gonna play goes out to digital port 13, but I'd need that 6 different Midi note goes out separately in 6 digital output.I'm sorry Mike, I hope to be enought clear... :~


No I don't get it. What code is this?

If it is the last code I posted then pin 13 is used only to light up an LED not push a note out on.

If it is the MIDI glock then pin 13 is the strobe that enables the solenoid drivers, not the output to the solenoid drivers they are on pins 2 to 9.

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