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Has anyone interfaced Arduino to either a "Thoughtstream Biofeedback" device or "CMS50E Pulse Oximeter" device?  Both are USB devices and each comes with their own Interface Software.  I've scoured the Internet trying to find someone who has done similar - no luck.  Got any suggestions, sketches, etc?  Links are below.

Both stand-alone units work well, but I would like to use the raw data in each for further processing in Arduino. 

Each of these units has a hand/finger sensor sending data to the devices, which is transferred to the pc via USB, and the device software shows the real time data in a display on the pc monitor.  I'd like to use the device software showing graphs, etc. and simultaneously shuffle the sensor data to Arduino for further processsing.

Maybe Arduino USB sniffer? - but how could I do that?  I checked on the forum and not much luck.

Anyone got a starting point?  Anything at all with details/sketch I could build on?

ThoughtStream Documentation - http://www.mindplacesupport.com/content.php?120-Thoughtstream-Documentation

CMS50E description - http://www.contecmed.com/main/product_show.asp?ArticleID=536



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