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In Future (In Few days) i will order a Arduino Board , Before the board reached to me , i want to learn about arduino. As i am a newbie, please suggest me where to start and how to start . Please help me . Thank you. :smiley-slim:



Start with spending a week on the tutorial pages of the arduino.cc website. BUild the code and make changes to it and see the effect. That is a good way to start to understand the ins and outs of the arduino language.

Also go through the reference pages, although there are errors on them they are a great source of information.

Finally, in the upper right corner of the forum is a search box. You can search older threads as the forum contains a lot of wisdom (and a few bugs too).

Then there is the playground where you can find more about libraries, sensors etc.

And if that all doesn't help you can always ask on the forum, try to find the best matching section, and please read the top messages on several section (about how to post, and some common answers.

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actually ,it is not possible to stay always  online . so ,is there any free e-books available ?? so i can read offline. please help me . Thank you. :smiley-slim:


You can read all the referance section that comes in the help menu of the IDE.


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Here's the book you need to read.


And watch all these videos:




You can download parts of the Arduino website to read offline, if you don't have reliable access to the Internet:


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