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I would have continuous monitoring of radiation level outdoors.
There is such item which allows connection of a tube:

But I think there is sufficient overhead it complexity and cost. If we connect to Arduino the scheme can be much simpler:
there will be enough DC-DC up-step voltage converter to supply tube, one indicating led and the tube discharge current detector.
I asked one of ebay's seller if the chinese folks can make and sell more simple and low cost shield than above one.
He ask me how many items do I need? I need one item but think I am not the only who need one. So I decided to ask others.


I might be interested but the thing doesn't have the tube and still cost this much on ebay? I rather buy a $200 device that has the tube, and outputs 5V pulses for counting. Much easier and off the shelf. Just check vernier.com


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Just FWIW, here is a solar powered wireless radiation monitor with build information.
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