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ok, tks.

I will figure out to transform it into a formula using also the ambient temperature matter.



hello, I just bought the sensor of HR202.
By the way have anyone had been successful how to get the reading in RH%? I had tried to search from the other sources, but it seems that not many info could get about this sensor.


You could put that table an array, and then look up and interpolate values based on the value from the temperature sensor which it appears you are missing.

you can use - http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MultiMap - for non-linear mapping (it mixes lookup & interpolation)
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I am trying to get this sensor to work , but with out much luck, does anybody got the correct formula / calculation.


This looks like a horrible sensor ;-)
First of all - Relative Humidity is, by name, relative to the air temerature.
The reading from this sensor is therefore incomplete, and cannot be used unless you already know the air temperature.
.. And if I read the documentation right, you will have to create a 500-2000 Hz frequenzy at 1.5 volt. And then messure the inductance.
It will cost you about $10 in parts. ...and half the hair on your head ;-)

Can I recomend a completely difrent approach to your project?
Alternative 1 : "DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor"
  It is close to the range of HR202. It messures temp. and RH. It will give you the calculated RH digitaly over the serial port. It costs about $1.50 on eBay
Alternative 2 : "DHT22/AM2302 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor"
  The same as DHT11. A bit more expensive, but it has a wider range and has better precision. If you want precision, it is worth the extra money.

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