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Hi,i need some help to enable communication, my project is compose of:
- A arduino board mega 2560
-A arduino Usb host shield
-A arduino motor shield
- a bluetooth dongle hde 2.4ghz bluetooth v2.0 dongle adaptater

This bluetooth dongle is confirmed to works with librairy of arduino usb host shield by the website github ( developers had created arduino host shield librairies for many application).

When i execute the Ps3Usb example my system works fine with ps3 controler i get all value from Joysticks Buttons etc.

The problem is when i use Ps3Bt example from Usb host shield librairy, i plug bluetooth dongle into usb port 5sec, unplug it, plug ps3 controler,press ps button,wait for 5 sec, disconnect ps3 controler, plug again bluetooth dongle, arduino receive any value from my ps3 controler.

someone have solution?
is there problem from bluetooth dongle and ps3 controler uncompatibility?

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