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Hi all,
I'm trying to bridge my wi-fi network to the Arduino Ethernet Shield through my Win 8 laptop.

On my previous (R.I.P.) laptop with the same configuration I had assigned on my router to the wireless adapter MAC address and set to Arduino's MAC address (which I set on the sketch). I had bridged the wi-fi to the ethernet adapters on Win Control Panel and it used to work just fine.

I have the same setup for the new laptop, with assigned to its wireless adapter. Ethernet Shield's still the same. I bridged the connection again on Win 8, but when I scan my network (through an iPhone app) the IPs are reversed: .8 is assigned to the notebook and .11 is assigned to Arduino (though it reads "MAC unknown").

Moreover I can't access the webserver (I'm running the example sketch with only the MAC and IP altered), but what's puzzling me the most is the reversal of IPs.

Did that ring a bell to anyone? Is more info needed?





I'm doing a similar project as you. I have an arduino mega connected to the adruino ethernet shield and then connected to my laptop's ethernet port. My laptop is connected to wifi and I have created a bridge connection from the wifi to the ethernet port. The problem is that I can't connect to the server ip address that I have created in the arudino code. Do you have any clue on what the issue might be???


Did you create a bridge or did you route the ip through your PC? If you use internet connection sharing, that routes through the PC. To access the Arduino, you have to route through the PC the other way.

Normally if you route through the PC, both the PC and Arduino will show up as the IP of the PC. That is a masquerade (source Network Address Translation).

edit: If it is a bridge and the IPs are swapped or unreachable, that would be a Windows problem unless the network settings on the Arduino are not correct. What are the network settings on the PC?


I created a bridge by going to NETWORK SETTINGS and then right-clicking on my wifi-connection and then choosing BRIDGE CONNECTIONS. After that I enter cmd and type "ipconfig" to see what ipv4-address the bridge connection has been given. I use that same IP-address in my arduino program code. When I enter the Google Chrome and type in that IP-address I get the message "this website is not available".

What do you mean with what network settings I'm using?

edit: I got it working! I just changed the port to 8081 instead of 80 and used a straight cable instead of a cross-over and now it works. I can connect to the server!


Don't use the same IP as the PC. Use a different IP, but within the same subnet.

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