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Hi all,
I'm trying to bridge my wi-fi network to the Arduino Ethernet Shield through my Win 8 laptop.

On my previous (R.I.P.) laptop with the same configuration I had assigned on my router to the wireless adapter MAC address and set to Arduino's MAC address (which I set on the sketch). I had bridged the wi-fi to the ethernet adapters on Win Control Panel and it used to work just fine.

I have the same setup for the new laptop, with assigned to its wireless adapter. Ethernet Shield's still the same. I bridged the connection again on Win 8, but when I scan my network (through an iPhone app) the IPs are reversed: .8 is assigned to the notebook and .11 is assigned to Arduino (though it reads "MAC unknown").

Moreover I can't access the webserver (I'm running the example sketch with only the MAC and IP altered), but what's puzzling me the most is the reversal of IPs.

Did that ring a bell to anyone? Is more info needed?



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