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hello...i have a question for my projek...
want tu build a program for a battery system...
using lcd, battery 12v(motorcycle battery), voltage sensor, LED, and switch...

i have a problem with a code...

how to buila a code with battery lavel

exp. if my voltage >10v
       lcd print "battery ok and also print the voltage"
       second layer lcd print "good battery"
       LED green on

       if my voltage <9.9v
       lcd print "battery min and also print the voltage"
       second layer lcd print "battery min Becarefull"
       LED yellow on

please help me...
 :(  :(  :(
im just new about this arduino


12v(motorcycle battery),
NOT connected directly to the analog pin, I hope. If it is, when you get your new Arduino, don't do that again. Google voltage divider.

please help me
Sure thing. Post the code you have so far. Explain what it actually does, and how that differs from what you want.

Connecting a 12V supply to a voltage divider, connecting that to the Arduino analog pin, and reading the pin value is trivial. Converting a number to a string, and writing the string to an LCD is trivial.
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