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I am working on developing a prototype for a device. The device should be able to get the location and send SMS to particular phone numbers. Also, it must support internet connectivity.

Please suggest suitable Arduino shields and boards that I can use for the project.

Shrenik Lad



Sorry, I meant GPRS connectivity. I need to send location data to a server...

I found Gboard (http://imall.iteadstudio.com/development-platform/arduino/arduino-compatible-mainboard/im120411004.html) but it does not have GPS module


Get Skylab SKM53 from eBay for around $26 and download the TinyGPS library to communicate with it using a software serial port


Thank you for the help.

Is it possible to connect SIM908 module to an Arduino UNO board? SIM908 has both GSM and GPS modules. And which library will be needed in order to access location data and send SMS?

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