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Hello and Good day,
I have recently setup an array of various sensors in my home and am using Arduino boards to comunicate back to Pachube / COSM / Xlively or what ever they are calling it this week. I have a Arduino Mega with the Wiznet Ethernet Shield working fantastic using the example "Pachube Client using Strings" on the Arduino website.


This program structure works fantastic for my application as I can add or subtract sensors and have different types of sensors with out having to totally rewrite the sketch every time. In an attempt to downsize I bought a nano and a ENC28J60 Ethershield. After looking at the Client examples I have found on the web thus far read like Greek to me as I am not a programmer and my learning curve thus far has been steep to say the least. I guess what I am asking is does any one know of an example for the ENC28J60 Ethershield that is similar to the above sketch Or perhaps some documentation that explains using the ENC28J60 Ethershield that a novice can understand.


Funny you should ask.....

You might find something useful here   


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