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Then how can I implement my that idea ?


Then how can I implement my that idea ?

Seeing as how you are the only one that has a clue what your idea is, I think the answer is "by yourself".


Did you mean
Code: [Select]
count = vw_wait_rx_max(2000);// Non-blocking
  if (count)
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This is a really great thread. However, Wouldnt it be easier for all of us newbs if someone would just take the time to make a document or tutorial of this information (in plain terms)? This seems to be a hot topic. Not only here but also in other forums as well. I have learned a great deal just reading the questions and answers on this thread and like a good movie, I don't want it to end...LOL


Maybe a real world example would be appropriate. I can post my remote control code. It reads a keypad press and sends out 1 character.
On the receive side, it acts on the 1 character received.

Will be later tonight. The code is from the Virtualwire example, with the message sent being a 1 byte array
byte msg[1];
with the byte coming from the keypad.h library.


Hmm, looks like the document has been updated to remove the examples!
They look to be online only now

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