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Hello. i have 4 sensors that i want to use to make a bigger version of this:

Where can i get a 4 sensor template for this kind of set up?

I already have the motors wheels, the arduino uno, batteries, speed controllers (using servo library and they work) and im waiting on the body.

i already made a smaller one to start me into this:

and im testing a 2 sensor template and i will see how i will go.
Any advice? Thank you very much  :smiley-mr-green:

What you need is the NewPing library.  It's designed for multiple sensors and being used in a complex system where it doesn't slow things down.  I include an example sketch that controls 15 sensors, so your 4 sensors is a cinch.

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My libraries: NewPing - LCDBitmap - toneAC - NewTone - TimerFreeTone


You sir are a genius i downloaded it ages ago but i had completely forgotten. thank you so much again.

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