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I want to create a light chaser sequence similar to the Cylons eyeball movement. But I want to do it using about 100 LEDs. knowing that there is only about 12 or 13 outputs that arduino can supply for me, is there any possible way for me to make an individual LED light up in sequence, up to 100 LEDs???


You need an led driver. It is a similar thing to controlling an LED cube that has 125 (5x5x5 cube) or more leds using an arduino. Start your searching there.


similar to the Cylons eyeball movement

A link would be good, not everyone has your experience.

There are lots of ways to drive 100 LEDs
13 shift registers chained together.
or one MAX6954


Two MAX7219s, can control 64 LEDs each.
$1.25 at taydaelectronics.com
Keep your data in a 16 byte array, send out to the MAX7219s when something needs changing.
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This question is about as general as "I need a car, which car should I buy". We dont know what kind of car would work best for you.

There are lots of ways to control LEDs. You could multiplex, charlieplex, serialize with shift registers or LED drivers, or with individual chips on each LED. There are probably other ways that I havnt even considered... Im looking into cascaded transistors, yay!

I think there are over 20 control pins on an arduino. 2-13 are digital, 14-20 are analog, and 0 and 1 may or may not be usable, im not sure (I think they also control the rx and tx leds, so they may be unsuitable for regular use. Anyway, you have 20 or more on most arduinos, if you get a mega, it has a lot more pins.


You don't need 20 tho - just SCK and MOSI to clock the data in, and SS on D10 to latch it into the output.
Can be a string of 8, 16, 18, 20 pin output shift registers, or 2 daisychained MAX7219s, which act like eight 8-bit shift registers for loading up the data. Each register individually addressable, unlike a string of chips.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


I am fairly new to Arduino world, getting into grips with this wonderful product. I am trying to wire 150 LED's in Series and parallel, this LED circuit will be driven by an LED driver   (Ex :DC 12 V, 500 ma driver), so simply lighting them up is not a problem, however  I would like Arduino to control all 150 LED's and turn them on in a sequence specified in my code(very similar  to chaser sequence).  Are there any pointers you can provide me as to how i connect all 150 LEDs with only 13 digital points in Arduino?. I use Arduino uno, if Arduino mega is going to help this project, I shall buy one immediately.
Thanks a lot.


Read the forum rules. This has nothing to do with this thread, so start your own.

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