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Hey. I am new to electronics and I have a problem that I hope someone won can help me with.
I am trying to build an H-bridge but for some reason the first power mosfets (IRFZ44N) has a very big voltage drop. I only have 5 volts and it uses 3 volts.

On the picture it would be number 1 and 2 that are the problem.

i have 6 volts


Well, looking at a datasheet
we can see that this is an N-channel MOSFET.
For an H-bridge, one typically uses P-channel  MOSFETs in the 1 & 2 position, for example
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"I am new to electronics" + "I am trying to build an H-bridge" = go to ebay and buy one of appropriate size. If you are considering rolling your own, read the below first.

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