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The stuff you are looking for used to be marketed in car accessory shops for repairing rear screen heaters.
It is basically like a small bottle of nail varnish - but loaded with either silver or aluminium powder for conductivity.
You can certainly use it to fix damaged pcb tracks (remove varnish from the good area first!!) , so shorting out a couple of SM resistors should be easy.  Just don't splash it around... :)



Thanks for the replies from both of you! I wanted to be sure that I had the correct idea before I did anything drastic. I can solder down to 805 resistors with good results so, I think I will be able to solder out or jumper those resistors.

I will give it a try soon!


I have problems accessing DS1307(rtc) on pins 20(sda) and 21(scl). RTC renders un usable right after initializing UTFT.. :/

Any help appreciated..


I have a older shield for the mega, want to make it work the the due. how can i do this, mine the display is soldered on the shield, and there are surfacemount resisters, i can get to the resisters with a soldering iron if need be.


I'be been using both the CTE class and the UTFT class on a Digix and both are flawless, The CTE shield and class being noticeably faster compared to the class Mr Karlsen wrote last year. Screamer fast)
Apparently when he rewrote the class to better encompass the Arm Avr and Pic processors he changed a substantial amount of code. I have had.. some code for the class written early last year and the speed differences are substantial... One of the Very few times I've "Donated" to a project and really got my $0.50's worth.. The Manuals... "Manuals"? who ever heard of actually supplying manuals with Arduino code...?  The manuals are an encyclopedia compared to the Arduino Manuals? and are actually useful.
If you use Mr Karlsen's code a donation would be a sign that you appreciate what he has done and how much it's made your own work easier. FWIW I own 3, 3.2" displays (5 if you cound 2, 4D Systems 3.2" displays and an Itead 4.3 which was junk defective out of the box (randomly shows a silver screen and the postage to return it is more than the 'thing' is worth) and a CTE 4.3 which is beautiful.
All in all the best display of it's class I've ever seen.

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